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Online Program

It will soon be possible to follow an online program in advance or during practical guidance! Are you not satisfied with your weight?

Tailored Advice

You will receive customized advice no later than 3 working days after the intake interview via email. The advice includes an example day menu with various variation options, so that variety is possible in terms of choices.

To Investigate

Over the years, practice has increasingly started to work with investigations, because without actually investigating you are in the dark about the why of your complaints ...

Fit And Vital With Real Nutrition With Ideen. get started now.

We live in a society where we have less and less time. Because of long and busy (work) days, healthy food and enough exercise sometimes want to fall short. As a dietitian I can offer support in starting and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. You can also contact me if you need dietary advice for medical reasons.

DNA Diet Program

The DNA Diet gives insight into how the best can eat, move and your lifestylecan adjust . The DNA Diet shows how your body reacts to certain nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats. With all this genetic information , we can put together a tailor-made diet for you. In addition, the test provides information about your genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, increased cholesterol, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

Difficult Eaters

Are you a parent of a baby, toddler or toddler and do you recognize this? Are you worried about your child’s eating behavior? We are happy to help with your child’s eating problems. If necessary, we work together with other care providers such as a lactation consultant or pediatric physiotherapist. We work on referral from the youth doctor, family doctor or pediatrician. The treatment can take place at home.


Protein Diet Plan

New at Ideen Diet Center  is losing weight using a protein diet. The protein diet is a diet based on many proteins, many fresh vegetables, few carbohydrates and little saturated fat.  It is not a hype, but a permanent method to lose weight responsibly without slowing down your metabolism and therefore without yo-yo effect, without feeling hungry, while maintaining muscle mass, losing body fat and with more energy!


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Healthcare Insurance

You will not find a better healthcare plan anywhere. Get started now.

Lynn Vargas , Dietitian and Author

Lynn Vargas graduated in the summer of 2017 as a dietitian at the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen. She has since gained work experience in two different first-line dietitian practices in Ideen and since October 2017 she has been working at Ideen. In addition, she has completed the post-graduate course in Sports Dietetics and can now also call herself a sports dietitian.

Allison Spaulding, Dietitian

For her education and work as a dietitian, Allison Spaulding followed the study of primary school teacher. In her first years as a dietitian, she worked at 2 independently established practices. In her work as a dietician, Spaulding has already participated in several projects especially for children, such as the Kids2Health project in which nutrition lessons are given at various primary schools.

Latest News

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You will not find a better healthcare plan anywhere.