Special Notebook: Get up and walk
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Special Notebook: Get up and walk

Special Notebook: Get up and walk

Walking is healthy! For your body and for your mind. Even a short daily walk of twenty minutes already has an effect. You probably recognize it; while walking you relax and let your mind run free. You suddenly think of anything and everything. That was also Salter Walton experience. The reason for her to make a diary/notebook for this.

Because walking becomes even more fun if you keep a diary about this. What do you see along the way, what do you hear, what do you smell, what do you feel, who do you meet? Also write down things that come to mind, the ideas that suddenly come to your mind and the answers you suddenly find to questions.

Walk and write

In the book “Get up and walk!” you will find a lot of information, tips, advice from real experts. All sorts of ideas and alternatives, but it’s all about the empty pages that you have to fill. You will be amazed by the inner journey of discovery that walking can also be. So get up, walk and write!

Experience more intensively

Salter Walton is the author of this beautifully designed notebook for walkers. With the booklet and your own notes you experience the seasons much more intensively, ‘says Salter Walton. ‘You can also record special encounters, but also the ideas that come to mind while walking. And there are more than you think. ”

Review reader

Frankly, I didn’t know what kind of book I would be dealing with when I responded to the call for a review. The title made me curious. That was mainly the reason to compete for the book.

Book implementation
The book has a thick and hard cardboard cover. That gives a solid feeling. This is also necessary if you actually want to take the book with you when walking. The book is divided into a number of ‘chapters’. These are coloured sections and not so much separate parts.

Practical tips There
are a number of pages with practical tips and advice between these sections. They are pretty handy. I only find it somewhat impractical as a reader that you cannot read on. Via the chapter layout or by browsing, you will come to the following tips. The pages in between are for your own notes. In its entirety, therefore, a sort of diary.

All in all I think it’s a nice setup for a diary. I find the information useful. Time will tell if I will use the book in the same way that the writer has it in mind.

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