About Ideen
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About Ideen

Our team of experts

Lynn Vargas , Dietitian and Author

Lynn Vargas graduated in the summer of 2017 as a dietitian at the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen. She has since gained work experience in two different first-line dietitian practices in Ideen and since October 2017 she has been working at Ideen. In addition, she has completed the post-graduate course in Sports Dietetics and can now also call herself a sports dietitian.


What she finds important is that the nutritional advice you receive should not feel like a diet but a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is different for everyone; there is not one diet that works for everyone. She believes it is important to provide customized nutritional advice. After all, you achieve the most with that!

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New at Ideen Diet Center  is losing weight using a protein diet. The protein diet is a diet based on many proteins, many fresh vegetables, few carbohydrates and little saturated fat.  It is not a hype, but a permanent method to lose weight responsibly without slowing down your metabolism and therefore without yo-yo effect, without feeling hungry, while maintaining muscle mass, losing body fat and with more energy!

The protein diet is a complete program that offers guidance on losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. However, the products can also be used as support during a regular diet, as a responsible snack or as an additional protein source.

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